Rockland, Michigan  49960

                a Great Place to See,                a  Great Place to Stay

            The Childhood Cottage                     Bussiere's Bunkhouse

                   Lake Victoria                                           R & B Lodge

         Victoria Hydroelectric Dam                             Henry's Inn

            Old Victoria Restoration                St. Mary's Catholic Church

             Rockland Museum                        St. Paul's Methodist Church 

             Rockland Library 

                      and a Great Place for Business  

                      Greenstone Log House and Cabinetry

           One of a Kind Weaver                       Seidline Construction

                 Well's Bee Farm                            JRH Performance                       the North Country Trail, lots of snowmobile trails and 

2 playgrounds.   For more information email J.D.S. Speer

                                                                                                                                                                                   Picture by Kay Preiss

Community Center Playground

Old Victoria Restoration

  Rockland Activity Center   Museum and Library

Ontonagon County Veterans Memorial

How to find Rockland   

      Rockland is on US Hwy 45, 60 miles north of the WI/MI State line, 2 miles west of the intersection of US 45 and MI 26,  12 miles east of Ontonagon, Mi and 45 miles south of Houghton, MI. 

St. Paul's Methodist Church Sunday Worship 10:30 am 

St. Mary's Catholic Church Sunday Mass 9am

Other Interesting Sites: Old Victoria Restoration, Ontonagon County Historical Society, Rockland Library,         Rockland Museum, Ontonagon Chamber of Commerce

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